The watches that we sold are guaranteed to be new and 100% authentic.

Calibre Timepiece Sales and Marketing also provide repair service and offer international warranty for all watches listed on our website and our store (under warranty period from 1-2 years). Customers are advised to contact our customer care service for further assistance in order to ensure smooth and hassle-free warranty procedure.


  • The warranty period effective from the date of the warranty certificate issued.
  • Under the warranty period, we may replace or repair your watch after reviewing the defects or problem on your watch
  • Customers are required to present the warranty certificate and official receipt issued by Calibre Timepiece Sales and Marketing for any repairs or warranty claims.
  • If a watch defect is reported within 7 days of receive (NOT due to wear and tear or misuse such as exceeding water resistance limit), Calibre Timepiece Sales and Marketing will bear ALL shipping costs and the returning shipping cost.

  • Customers are required to provide tracking no of the shipment and consignment note to our customer care after they dispatched their watches.
  • Once the watches that claim for warranty are fixed / replaced, customers will be notified and provided shipment details when they’re shipped.

The warranty covers:

  • Manufacturing defects:  Defects due to faulty use of material, workmanship or any other technical error during the manufacture process which lead that particular watch malfunctioning or damage. 
  • Malfunction or poor performance: Watches that have symptoms of abnormally functions such as: losing time or time lagging behind will be serviced under our warranty policy coverage.

The warranty does not cover:

·         Wear and tear on the case, glass and strap or bracelet.

·                  Defect caused by accident, mishandling, incorrect or abusive use (knocks/crush/moisture in the case of non-water resistant models).

·                  Esthetical changes for normal wear and tear due to aging such as but not limited to scratches, alteration of color on case/strap/bracelet, peeling of the plating and/or missing crystal.

·         Broken crown, battery replacement and scratched or cracked case.

·                  Parts not covered by this warranty are subject to charges and a quote will be referred to you before we process with the repair.

·         Theft or loss of the complete timepiece or components.

·                  Defects or damage caused by misconducted service by third-party unauthorized service centers.

You may visit our service and repair center or write to us at calibretimepiece@gmail.com for your warranty claims. Please include the following information in your email:

·         Your Name

·         Your contact no

·         E-mail address

·         Copy of Original Invoice / Order Confirmation / Delivery Receipt

·         Detail description of the problem / issue